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The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth . . . 

I have been telling customers for more than 25 years the importance of smart marketing and advertising for their businesses and brands. It is the ugly truth, that you have to spend more on advertising your business especially when sales are down. Business and sales never stop. Many Accountants will tell you the same thing. ShorePoint Communications has been creating long lasting relationships with our clients to help increase sales and business for over twenty-five years. We have experienced many economic downfalls and have experienced strategies to help your business through it all.

We are all in hard times and uncertainty, but with the right technology, marketing strategy and team on your side, you will all get through these times together. 

ShorePoint Communications committed team are here to assist those of you that have not prepared your marketing and advertising for the Digital World. Let us help you keep those “doors” open everyday.

We are offering financing packages to get you and your business back on your feet in these uncertain times, and maybe help you make more money than before.

Give us a call and let’s discuss a plan for your business!

Dave Francis