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Our Founder

David Francis is a seasoned agency owner known for successfully leading clients in the deployment of cutting-edge strategies, enabling them to step into new markets and maximize business expansion goals, I always ensure the story of their brand is heard.

Throughout my career, I have challenged myself to push the boundaries of industry norms and pioneer new approaches to leveraging both digital and conventional advertising and marketing vehicles. I help clients identify the medium that best matches their unique identity and then get to work designing and producing the highest quality content that exceeds goals and objectives for their business. Highly skilled in assembling and directing high-performing creative teams to move forward solutions that result in client growth and a proven return on investment.

My expertise spans the full spectrum of marketing services including SEO/SEM, lead generation, sales funnels, brandy identity, graphic and logo design, advertising, communications design, interactive web design and development, and evaluating emergent trends using data analytics. I employ a dedicated and passionate approach to helping clients shape an innovative message within the marketplace and position them to surpass revenue targets. Effecting impressive results for a portfolio of clients, I have developed special interest in the healthcare, education, and legal marketing space.

David and ShorePoint continue to keep clients on the cutting edge; whether it be designing and developing  web sites, creating lead generation, landing page funnels and using tracking metrics to increase client growth, all while showing proven return on investment.

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