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Digital Marketing

Why Hiring a Advertising Agency with Digital Marketing Expertise is Important Having an Advertising Agency with Digital Marketing Expertise is critical to your success. Your brand deserves to be listed in all the phonebooks of the digital era. That’s right, there are more than 900… Read More »Digital Marketing

Website Design

Are you looking for the best website designers for Small business in USA. We are ShorePoint Communications and we strive to design your brand, website, customers, business and revenue around todays attention Economy. Your Website is just a 24 hour representation of your brand. Building… Read More »Website Design

Our Founder

David Francis is a seasoned agency owner known for successfully leading clients in the deployment of cutting-edge strategies, enabling them to step into new markets and maximize business expansion goals, I always ensure the story of their brand is heard. Throughout my career, I have… Read More »Our Founder

Cyber Security

Now more than ever it is critical to your brand and business to protect yourself from malicious attacks. Having the right team is imperative. We provide hosting services, IT support, Firewall Protection as well as in-office support to assist in the protection you need. Backup,… Read More »Cyber Security

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth . . .  I have been telling customers for more than 25 years the importance of smart marketing and advertising for their businesses and brands. It is the ugly truth, that you have to spend more on advertising your business especially when… Read More »The Ugly Truth