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case studies

The Surgeon

A surgeon whose business had been stagnant for nearly 5 years was looking to take his practice to the next level. His marketing to date, mostly involved billboards, a newspaper ad or two and his website. After better understanding his target market and reviewing his options, a two stage approach was employed.

First, a digital marketing campaign was employed, specifically targeting two of the highest yielding services he offered. This was a search and social ad campaign, and took about 45 days to really zero in. He was getting 30 to 35 new patients a month and after the campaign was up and running it grew to over 400 new patients per month.

Second, a “network” was created with local referral sources, to better understand each other’s businesses and workflow. The network met monthly and grew to over 20 members within 6 months! He was getting 3+ referrals a week just from the network!

Between the digital marketing and the network, the surgeon’s business grew over 500% in 6 months.

  • WE’RE ENGAGED – 60%


The Law Firm

Marketing and advertising in the legal field can be difficult and full of snags. Attorneys are heavily regulated in how they are permitted to market, and client generation can be difficult.

When we were approached by an attorney looking to grow his practice, we took our time and did some deep due diligence. At the time, he was doing the majority of his marketing through TV commercials and billboard advertising, and was spending a massive amount of his monthly revenue doing it. Our goal was not just new clients, but new clients in a more cost efficient, traceable way.

First, we created a digital marketing campaign that focused heavily on search ads. The budget was a fraction of his billboard costs, and each new client was traceable to a specific advertisement.

We then returned to his his TV commercial campaign and “bought airtime” on a very limited budget that aired on “spare time.” Literally, the same number of commercials were airing, but the cost was a fraction.

Finally, we created a digital video campaign that aired on YouTube and other common video sites. It was geo-targeted, so the viewers were specifically in the attorney’s service region. It was also keyword targeted, so the user had to have searched earlier some of the key words associated with his practice. We had digital whiteboard ads run that were fun and exciting and “caught the viewers eye.” The result was a very targeted “modern” TV commercial.

The results speak for themselves. It took almost 90 days for the momentum to hit, but the growth began in earnest. By Month 6, the results were powerful: he literally had 3 TIMES the number of average new cases per month coming in!. And all of this was done on a budget that was equal to or less than his regular monthly spend.



The Financial Service Company

The financial planning and services industry is not only heavily regulated, but also extremely competitive. When we were approached to create an online presence for a financial services firm, we realized we had an uphill battle.

We began with a needs analysis, to understand how they functions. We also spent time speaking with their legal counsel and compliance team to understand what specifically we were allowed and/or required to do to for the NASD and SEC regulators.

We began with a web presence that matched the personality of the firm:  We worked hand in hand with corporate counsel to make sure the site matched NASD and SEC regulations, but still differentiated itself from the conservative competition (in our opinion all of the competition seemed cut from the same mold). Now we had to get them seen – to give them a “presence.”

We started with a digital advertising campaign with regionally restricted targeting to their geographic area. This campaign included search, social and video ads. It was a conservative campaign by our industry standards, but was very unique for the financial services industry.

We then began a local magazine campaign but not just with artistically stunning ads; we took the extra step. We got local writers to write articles about the firm and their structure/products. There was a direct correlation between the articles running and phone ringing.

Finally, we ran a limited radio campaign, using local radio celebrities to push the product. We waited on this until the client was able to use revenue from new clients we helped generate, to fund the campaign.

The result? The new client basis grew quickly, averaging over 40 new calls coming in a month! More important, the assets under management increased exponentially: the new clients were more sophisticated, larger accounts that couldn’t be reached by cold calls or events – it took a more creative marketing method to reach them.



The Dentist

The marketing they were doing was not working. No-one was calling or making appointments, they had seen a dramatic drop over the past 8 months. They had hired a “local seo person” and tried some direct mail campaigns.

Marketing to the needs of patient’s is extremely difficult. Knowing what services to offer, and when to offer them to individuals, takes time to build a reputation.

As we were engaged after reviewing the local traffic of their website, as well looking at their entire brand positioning. We noticed some key missing elements.

The traffic to their site was approximately 900 visitors a month. Not bad if they were patients. However, 800 of them were not even from the same state. The marketing they were doing was simply not working.

We re-branded them, gave them a Unique Selling Proposition(USP), new website that was mobile friendly, generated a target audience and specific goals, and implemented our direction.

Targeting higher end procedures, educating existing patients, drip email campaign’s and more.

We implemented website tracking, phone call tracking and other proprietary analytics and started growing their traffic to their website, social media, form requests and walk-ins.

After about 90 days we sat down and reported that the new traffic to their site was increased to 14,000 per month, of which 13,460 were from local searches, Phone calls and forms were . . . They stopped us mid-sentence and said “Keep doing what you are doing, and I am going to keep opening practices” We are buying a new practice and closing is tomorrow.

We looked at each other and well that started a great relationship that now incorporates 11 practices. Not a bad way to build a brand and a business from the ground up.