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Our Verticals

We help businesses and brands succeed in the digital age.

Capitalize on business opportunity by developing a harmonized digital strategy and transforming your organization.

Deliver a world-class experience to your customers through the application of Design Thinking.

Bring a vision to life and into the hands of your customers, wherever they may be.

Law Firms

Our approach to law marketing is broken down into each sector of the industry. We understand what it takes. Take a look at our work and see how we do it.​

Medical Practices

We approach medical practice marketing with a keen eye. We make sure that your practice is targeting the right audience through our unique approach. Take a look.

Home Services

Home service marketing requires attention to details because of the competitive environment. Our approach ensures that you dominate the market.


Single Stores to Franchises are unique in that they require consistency throughout the entire operation. Here at GrowthHackers, we understand how important that is.

Technology Companies

Our approach to Technology marketing is broken down into various verticals based on the industry. We understand what it takes to be diversified in an uber-changing world.


Full e-commerce stores to single products needing to reach the masses. We take the initiative to provide you with the successful marketing strategy. Take a look.

Pharma / Healthcare

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies have their marketing challenges. We've solved them and continue to enhance the experience for this competitive environment.


Bio-Science is a unique field that requires consistency throughout their overalll marketing and branding initiatives.Here at GrowthHackers, we understand how important that is.

Ecommerce and Fulfillment

  1. We offer complete e-commerce development and ons-shop fulfillment services.  Our Warehouse’s can manage your inventory as well as your day- to -day e-commerce solutions.
    We ship with USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL.  Our technology is proprietary and can be used to mange any size ecomm business.


  1. Brand Design
  2. Store Design and Development
  3. Backend Development
  4. Inventory Control
  5. Purchase Order Management
  6. Finance and Admin Management
  7. Fulfillment Services
  8. Returns
  9. etc.

Our Approach

A Scientific Marketing Approach created specifically to industry. Let ShorePoint Communications develop a strategy to optimize and scale your business growth.

Smart Marketing. And So Much More.

There are countless numbers of companies that can provide you with basic marketing services for your business, firm, or practice, but it takes much more than that to succeed in today’s market. Most fields are uber-competitive. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of digital media without a solid marketing strategy an experienced team to keep you afloat. Our team can get your business or practice where you want it to go!

Your brand and messaging must be created by a partner (ShorePoint) who understands the industry, not just how to use the marketing methodologies. We can help you generate the clients, customers, and cases that your business needs to grow and thrive.

We are your Marketing Partner & Trusted Advisor.

We are not just a marketing firm, we are a team of creative individuals who come together with years of business experience along with technology savvy and marketing experience. We partner with our clients not just to create beautiful and strong branding but to deliver business growth.



Your marketing account executive is an expert in your specialty, together you will create a plan that works with your firm’s goals and needs. Together we will create a strategy, execute it, track it and grow your business.


Beautiful, Conversion-Focused Web/Landing Page Design

Built to drive new business. The days of having a stunning websites with tons of pages are over. What matters is delivering Information in a direct and simple way to the end user, your future customer or client. We build custom designed landing pages for the purpose of building a business not just to have a pretty digital brochure.


Real People. Real Results. Real Time.

Keeping track of the results is a full-time job, that’s why you have us. We monitor track, adjust and maximize every dollar spent on your campaigns. It’s not just about the numbers . . . it’s about the results!


Strategies That Work.

Your dedicated team specializes in the specialty in which you belong and works with you to create the plan that matches your goals and needs. With  ShorePoint Communications, you’ll know exactly where your marketing dollars are going and see the results right before your eyes.


We deliver high-engagement creative. Our services include copy, photography, video, and illustration to help your brand stand out.


GENERATING PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS THROUGH DAILY HANDS ON MANAGEMENT OF ADVERTISING PLATFORMS Running paid media campaigns utilizing • Google Adwords • Facebook Ads • Instagram Ads • OTT (Over the Top Media) Television • Direct Response Postcards that deliver on your business goals is at the core of what we do. We leverage data-driven targeting strategies that are audience-led, with a focus on paid social planning, execution, campaign optimization and performance measurement.


We build landing pages/funnels that guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don't get confused or LOST, and leave). We point your customers straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem. Then we follow up with your visitors, even after they leave your page.


Track your reach with cutting edge technology, geo-fencing and optimization that allows you to understand where your customers/clients are coming from. Understanding your audience is the key to growing your business.


Identify previous website visitors with Site and Search Re-Targeting to bring them back to your site for additional chances at conversion.


CRM (CONTENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT) Track every lead that comes in and manage the follow up process with automated emails and lead scoring.


Our Call Center will take every lead and call them immediately (within 5 min) to set an appointment. The Call Center is set up to follow up 5X over a 7 day window in order to maximize the lead generating results and turn the leads into appointments directly onto your calendar.


Accurate data provides actionable insights to maximize campaign effectiveness. Measure impressions clicks and click-through rates, video completion information, and conversions.