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Our Capabilities

We help businesses and brands succeed in the digital age.

Capitalize on business opportunity by developing a harmonized digital strategy and transforming your organization.

Deliver a world-class experience to your customers through the application of Design Thinking.

Bring a vision to life and into the hands of your customers, wherever they may be.


The design of your website today needs to be mobile friendly and recognized. This is a key component of your brand's success. It needs to be fast, effective and communicate who you are and what you do visually.


Digital marketing is an efficient and useful customer acquisition strategy that encompasses online marketing efforts such as… • CRM Remarketing • Digital Media Planning & Buying • Email • Lead Generation • Paid Search (SEM) • Paid Social Advertising When a digital marketing strategy is put together successfully, a business owner will be able to reach a target market and bring in high-quality sales leads for new customer acquisition.


Marketing today is so much more than a Phone Book. Today there are over 400 phone books. The utilization of PPC, SEO, SEM Email Markerting, Social Media are just the beginning. Factors such as landing pages, data mining, lead tracking, market research and analytics all come into play when developing an effective Marketing Strategy


We've helped some of the world's leading brands. You should trust your branding to professionals who understand the art and science of brand DNA and why customers respond to yours. Ask us for our resume.


Content marketing is the process of creating high-quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage an audience, while also promoting your brand. Maybe you already know what to share but just don’t possess the wordsmithing skills to reveal its value. Our content marketing specialist can do that for you.


Let us nurture and convert prospects with our customized lead qualification system. Through calling efforts, marketing automation emails, live web chat management, and CRM technology, we handle the time-consuming elements of the sales process so your internal team can focus on closing more deals.


Paid social advertising is any kind of paid advertising content that is displayed on a social media network, and can be used to effectively accomplish a number of goals including… • Growing a social following • Driving site traffic and engagement • Increasing brand awareness.


Tracking and analytics - The difference between you and your competitor. By understanding where your customers are coming from, how they interact with you, and how your staff communicates with them is the new survival game. Be in it to Win It!


Paid search (PPC–pay per click) is a valuable lead marketing strategy and the top converting and highest ROI digital channel a marketer can leverage to drive site traffic and conversions. Paid search often complements and enhances all other digital tactics.


We have access to exclusive, highly targeted email data, most of which has corresponding postal addresses, to ensure that we can deliver your message to the right prospect. We have over 20 million opt-in email addresses with hundreds of demographic and lifestyle attributes.


As a leading web design agency in New Jersey, we take the time to understand your brand and how you can improve the user experience for customers. Part of our strategy involves understanding your target audience and long-term business goals.


We all know that Video & photography can make or break any creative visual - particularly your website. We won't waste time or money on images that don't support your brand's primary focus.

Smart Marketing. And So Much More.

There are countless numbers of companies that can provide you with basic marketing services for your business, firm, or practice, but it takes much more than that to succeed in today’s market. Most fields are uber-competitive. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean of digital media without a solid marketing strategy an experienced team to keep you afloat. Our team can get your business or practice where you want it to go!

Your brand and messaging must be created by a partner (ShorePoint) who understands the industry, not just how to use the marketing methodologies. We can help you generate the clients, customers, and cases that your business needs to grow and thrive.